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Larkman Lane, Norwich

Larkman Lane is a busy road in the heart of the Larkman area of Norwich. The crossing is a link to local shops as well as being a route to school. Fitted onto standard 76mm posts, the zebrite beacons have heightened the visibility of this crossing without excavation or disruption. All works completed at this site within 1 hour!
Addenbrookes Hospital



Addenbrookes Hospital is a busy site with high volumes of pedestrian movements and many existing crossings. A leader in providing top-class facilities the ultra visible crossings improve access for visitors, patients and employees.

Chapelfield, Norwich


An elegant mid-post installation in this City Centre location. The neat mid-post beacons avoid the clutter of offset brackets but still deliver the same visual punch as our classic post top version.

Mid post beacons are suitable for new installations and existing crossings and come in a range of sizes to suit posts from 76mm to 114mm.